Star Wars: Hellions

Chapter V
Talking Snake
Chapter IV
Space Travel Is Boring
Chapter III
Paranoid Android
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Chapter II
Little Boxes
Chapter I
Take It on the Run
Prologue Part 2
Welcome to the Jungle

The next day, thanks to Chigger’s expertise in healing and a few medpacs, Draxx Sklounst was mobile again.

Hearing some noise Kavek and Voricon go to investigate. They find Torcall Dumuzi in a fire fight with more imperial scouts.

Prologue Part 1
Space Oddity: Special Edition

After stealing weapons plans and rescuing an Ewok from an Imperial science facility, SpecForces commando Draxx Sklounst, and the Rebel Saboteur, Kavek Dras, were tasked with taking the plans to Ureall.

Smuggler, Voricon Rath, was hired to get them there. However, on the way they were ambushed by pirates. Crammed into the escape pod, the Ewok, Chigger Asa, pressed the eject button. Landing them on the surface of the jungle world Korantek-III.

They were quickly set upon by Imperial scout troopers. Tapping into the Force, Chigger summoned a herd of b’aerlak beasts, which quickly dispatched the scouts, but unfortunately crushed Sklounst’s arm so badly it needed amputation.

Kavek, Voricon, and Chigger escaped with the badly wounded Sklounst on the scout’s speeder bikes, fighting off trunk rippers before making camp for the night.


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