Elbie (LB-K2)

Courier droid


Type: Industrial Automaton Courier Droid
Dexterity 1D
Knowledge 2D

Languages 4D
Mechanical 1D
Communications 5D
Perception 1D
Strength 1D
Technical 3D

Computer programming/repair 5D. droid programming 5D
Equipped With:
Fine work grasping arm
Extendable video sensor
Full range audio sensor
Broad-band Transceiver
Vocabulator/sound system
Translang 2A comm module
Universal I/O coupling
Ion surge shielding
Repulsor unit (4 meter ceiling)
Special Abilities:
Remote Programming: LB class droids can program computers that have radio or audio receivers at a distance of 10 meters at their normal die codes.
Ion Resisitance: This class of droid resists ion fields and Jawa DEMP guns (ad 3D to droid’s Strength to resist damage).
Move: 9
Size: .75 meters tall


Elbie is one of the newest products from the labs of Industrial Automaton. She and only a few hundred like her are curently active at this time. IA is prepared to produce millions more if these first few work out well.
p. The LB series is designed to be a reasoning communications device, capable of both intra-system data transfer, and normal “life-form” communications. Thus, it functions both in class 2 and class 3 applications.
p. LB-K2 is cooperative and verbose. The little spherical droid speaks in the tone and register of a Human female. She is clever and inventive, but is yet too young a unit to realize the value of such talents.

At first becoming the property of Chigger Asa, Chigger had no use for a droid and gave Elbie to Kavek Dras.

Elbie (LB-K2)

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