Seenine (R2-C9)

Draxx Sklounst's astromech


Type: Industrial Automaton R2 astromech droid
Dexterity 1D
Knowledge 1D
Mechanical 2D

Astrogation 5D, space transports 3D, starfighter piloting 3D
Perception 1D
Strength 1D
Technical 2D

Computer programing/repair 4D, starfighter repair 4D
Equipped With:
R-series Voice Box Adaptor
Three wheeled legs (one retractable)
Heavy grasper arm (lifting 2D)
Retractable fine grasper arm
Arc welder (1D-5D)
20 cm by 8 cm cargo compartment
Move: 5
Size: 1 meter tall


Previously belonged to Marka Durn, and several others. Seenine’s memory bank contained a vast amount of knowledge accumulated over his 40 years of operation. Until Draxx Sklounst wiped him.

He is fond of Tooee (MSE-6-R882E), and since having his programming hijacked by a virus, has started to develop a philosophical personality.

Seenine (R2-C9)

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